Premier Plus Home Warranty

Please refer to the Summary Page you received at closing to determine your protection type or contact us at 614-443-0300.


Your complete home protection resource.

A big part of owning a home is keeping up with repairs. The best way to avoid repairs is with regular maintenance.

We can help when things fail as well as recommend ways to keep your home in the best possible shape. We give you a reliable schedule for home maintenance and can refer you to quality contractors.


You get peace of mind knowing we use a network of local professionals that you can trust.

Why We’re the Right Choice for You

Quick, safe and efficient service from established, reputable local contractors is standard with every protection plan we sell. We’re located right here in Central Ohio. You know us, we know you and you like us. It’s nice to deal with a company you know you can trust. You’ve let us into your homes and you love our service. Read on to continue finding out what sets us apart from our competitors.

Sample Service Agreement

Premier Plus Home Warranty

No Service Fee

Everyone hates to pay for a repair. That’s why you have a home warranty in the first place, right? So why not eliminate the Service Fee charged by other home warranty companies when they come to your home. We come out, make the repair, then we leave – nobody pays. How can we do that? As long as there’s a covered repair for us to do when we get to the house then no one pays. If we are called out in error, then we charge a reasonable fee for taking the time out of our day to visit. Remember, if we make a repair then no one pays. We think that’s fair.

NEW! Protection for Outside Utility Lines

Most homeowners don’t realize they are responsible for repairs to outside utility lines—water, sewer, and electric. And those repairs are expensive. That’s why we’ve included protection for those lines in our home warranty. Major repairs can pop up any time and now you’re prepared. Comprehensive protection is what we’re all about.

NEW! Personalized Service After the Closing

You’ve made the biggest purchase of your life. We continue the personalized service you received from your agent after you’ve moved into your new home by contacting you to explain your plan and answer any questions you may have. We want you to be comfortable with us so we walk you through your protection and explain how to request service.

Includes Protection for the Buyer and Seller

We offer comprehensive protection for the Seller at no additional cost.

Affordable Pricing

Our prices listed below are for a single-family residence. In every case, all utilities must currently be on for them to be eligible for protection.


 Premier Home Warranty

Subject to Sales Tax

Protection with New
Home Purchase
Renewal Protection
Annual Annual Monthly*
Under 5,000 sq ft $725 $725 $60.42
Over 5,000 sq ft  $1,265 $1,265 105.42
Condominium $625 $625 $52.08

Pricing Notes
*12 Monthly payments charged automatically to a credit card.