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A big part of owning a home is keeping up with repairs. The best way to avoid repairs is with regular maintenance.

We can help when things fail as well as recommend ways to keep your home in the best possible shape. We give you a reliable schedule for home maintenance and can refer you to quality contractors.


You get peace of mind knowing we use a network of local professionals that you can trust.

Why We’re the Right Choice for You

Quick, safe and efficient service from established, reputable local contractors is standard with every protection plan we sell. We’re located right here in Central Ohio and always will be. You know us, we know you and you like us. It’s nice to deal with a company you know you can trust. You’ve let us into your homes and you love our service. Read on to continue finding out what sets us apart from our competitors.

No Service Fee

Everyone hates to pay for a repair. That’s why you have a home warranty in the first place, right? So why not eliminate the Service Fee charged by other home warranty companies when they come to your home. We come out, make the repair, then we leave – nobody pays. How can we do that? As long as there’s a covered repair for us to do when we get to the house then no one pays. If we are called out in error, then we charge a reasonable fee for taking the time out of our day to visit. Remember, if we make a repair then no one pays. We think that’s fair.

One Comprehensive Plan for Your Peace of Mind

Premier Home Warranty

The Premier Home Warranty is better than ever! We’ve added protection for outside water, sewer, and electric lines—up to $42,000 in repairs. And, we contact the homeowner after closing to explain our protection and answer any questions you may have. Now that’s personal service! We provide a fresh approach to protecting homeowners from the high cost of repairs. And we do all of this without charging a service fee for covered repairs.

Reasonably Priced Protection for Your Home’s Biggest Repairs

Core Home Warranty

All Home Warranties are not created equal. We recognize that different homes may need different levels of protection. That’s why we’re introducing the Core Home Warranty. Now a homeowner can be prepared for failures of major outside lines (water, sewer, electric) that aren’t owned by utilities or included in homeowners insurance. And we’ll help with failures in major interior systems inside the home like heating, cooling, plumbing, and water heaters. No home should close without at least this level of protection so we made it affordable.


Affordable Pricing

Our prices listed below are for a single-family residence. In every case, all utilities must currently be on for them to be eligible for protection.


Protection with New
Home Purchase
Renewal Protection
Annual Annual Monthly*
Premier Home Warranty
(under 5,000 sq ft)
$725 $725 $60.42
Premier Home Warranty
(5,000 to 8,000 sq ft)
$1,265 $1,265 $105.42
Premier Home Warranty
$625 $625 $52.08
Core Home Warranty $420 $420 $35.00

Pricing Notes
*12 Monthly payments charged automatically to a credit card.

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