How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Condensate Line

When you see water running from the area of your furnace and air conditioner, chances are there is a clog in your condensate line.

These simple instructions will help you clear the clog yourself with very little effort. Normally, the condensate line should be cleared at least once each year.

Click here for instructions on cleaning your air conditioner condensate drain.

When your air conditioner is operating correctly, the temperature difference causes moisture to accumulate on the coil. That moisture has to drain away from the unit and the condensate line is what takes the water to the outside of your home.

In a perfect world that water would be completely clean and flow freely through the condensate line forever. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. The water can contain algae, dust, and other debris that will clog the line. Removing the clog is a simple procedure and is usually a part of the seasonal service you receive from your HVAC contractor.


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