About Us

We’re a service company at heart.

One of our first service vehicles.

One of our first service vehicles.

If the customer isn’t happy then we aren’t doing our job. No one understands that better than we do. We took the concept of warranties and turned it upside down. You asked for us to cover more than anyone else, using companies you can trust and do it at a fair price. We took your wishes, added in a few things no one else had thought of and introduced an entirely new concept in home warranties.

  • Unmatched customer service.
  • Fair and honest coverage.
  • All designed to make homeowners and agents happy.

Our History

Our family-owned business is three generations old. We started in 1952 meeting the needs of homeowners that just weren’t being met. As times and demands have changed, so has our company.


Because we’re not part of a huge corporation, we can be nimble and versatile. That means when the real estate industry needed someone who could provide great coverage at a reasonable price we stepped up to the plate. And hit it out of the park. What started as a simple concept of covering the natural gas system of a home has developed into a full-blown home warranty that barely resembles anything else offered in the market today. We have our success to show for it.

But we haven’t forgotten where we came from–service. We listen. We study. We solve the problem. And you get the benefits because ultimately, they were your ideas from the beginning.