Buyer’s Optional Coverages

When ordered and paid for at close of sale (or date of occupancy in the case of lease options or early occupancy) the following options will be covered. The Buyer’s Optional Coverage may be added by the Buyer within 30 days after closing (or date of occupancy in the case of lease options or early occupancy) and coverage starts on receipt of payment and expires with the Home-SAFE Warranty. Buyer’s Optional Coverages are not renewable.

Please refer to your Home-SAFE Warranty Terms & Conditions for additional coverage information including Limits of Liability.

WATER CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE  (not accepting new enrollments)

The repair or replacement (in services provided or paid for by ABC Home Services (the “Company”) in its sole and absolute discretion) of one Water Customer Service Line and/or Water Buried House Line should you have a water leak in either line caused by normal wear and tear. “Water Customer Service Line” means a single water supply line from the utility’s curb box to the inlet valve of the water meter. It does not include any connections/extensions such as water lines to agricultural meters. “Water Buried House Line” means a single water supply line between the outlet of the meter and the exterior of the foundation of the home. This plan covers a free standing, single-family, owner- occupied residence. In the event you suspect there is a water leak, contact your utility company representative to determine if there is leakage. After the repair or replacement has been completed, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate utility to restore service to your home. If your local utility does not require a pre-service inspection, the Company’s service technician will restore service.

Not Covered: Service to a water line in the event the problem results from damage or leaks incurred or existing prior to coverage; service to a water line damaged by your action or negligence or the action or negligence of third parties, natural disasters, acts of nature and/or other insurable events; any restoration of trees, shrubs, paved surfaces, sidewalks not required by permits, or structures; removal of items necessary to access the line, including but not limited to cars, trash, storage, rocks or materials, structures, drywall, paint and wallpaper; movement of the meter at the time of repair or replacement, unless required by local code or required by the Company; updating or moving non- leaking pipes to meet local code, law or ordinance requirements or changes thereto; water meter, including connections; movement of working pipes and/ or lines due to recommendations by the utility; repairs necessary to correct lower than desired water pressure that is not a result of breakage in the lines.

Limits of Coverage: For a covered claim, we will pay a maximum of $4,000
per occurrence. If a work permit is required before the line is repaired, we will obtain the proper permit. After the line is repaired or replaced, we will provide basic site restoration to the affected area. Such restoration is limited to clean-up of debris and filling in all earth removed for excavation. All restoration may be subject to limitations from current weather and soil conditions. This Guarantee pays only for the repair or replacement to restore service in the most cost effective manner as determined by the Company. Should the existing line not comply with local code requirements, we will comply with such requirements at the time of repair or replacement. If local permitting requires, we will pay up to $500 to repair or replace sidewalks located in a public easement that was damaged due to Water Customer Service Line repair work. These expenses will apply toward the $4,000 guarantee maximum. Should sidewalk repair expenses exceed $500, it is your responsibility to pay any additional costs. You will be notified of the expected additional expenses before work is performed.


Shared equipment is covered. If equipment is not shared, then only one or the
other is covered unless an additional fee has been paid. Covers above ground and accessible working components and parts of the heating, pumping, and filtration system including: Pool sweep motor and pump, pump motor, blower motor and timer, above ground plumbing pipes and wiring. The unit must be able to fill with water to qualify for coverage.

Not Covered: Salt water pools, indoor pools, portable or above ground spas, access to pool and spa equipment, lights, liners, structural defects, solar equipment, jets, ornamental fountains, waterfalls and their pumping systems, pool cover and related equipment, fill line and fill valves, cleaning equipment including, without limitation, pool sweeps, pop-up heads, turbo valves, skimmers, chlorinators and ionizers and other water chemistry control equipment and materials, fuel storage tanks, disposable filtration medium, heat pump, multi-media centers, dehumidifiers.

Pool and/or Inground Spa Equipment coverage is limited to $1,500 in the aggregate.


If a covered gas furnace or water heater breaks down, (subject to all other contract limitations, exclusions, and inclusions), and it cannot be repaired,
the Company will replace as follows: the heating system with a 90 percent or better rated efficiency model and the water heater with a tankless water heater (replacement to have similar major features as appliance being replaced and subject to availability).
Green Option coverage is limited to $1,500 in the aggregate. No costs for any modifications are covered.



Mainline stoppages that can be cleared through an existing access or clean out without excavation. The septic tank will be pumped once during the contract coverage term if the stoppage is due to septic back up. Sewage ejector pump for septic system only.

Not Covered: Broken or collapsed sewer lines outside the foundation, stoppages or roots that prevent the effective use of any externally applied sewer machine cable. Cost of finding or gaining access to the septic tank or sewer hook-ups, disposal of waste, chemical treatment of the septic tank and/ or sewer lines, cesspool.

Coverage for Septic System Pumping is limited to $500 in the aggregate.


Includes jet pump, sewage ejector pump, aerobic pump, septic tank and clearing sewer line from house to septic tank (see SEPTIC SYSTEM PUMPING).
Not Covered: seepage pits, leach lines, leach beds, lateral lines, tile fields, insufficient capacity.

Coverage for diagnosis, access, repair or replacement of septic tank, sewer lines from house to septic tank, sewage ejector, jet and aerobic pumps, is limited to a maximum of $500 in the aggregate.


All components and parts of one well pump utilized as the primary source of water to the home.

Not Covered: above or underground piping, cable or electrical lines leading to or from the well pump, including those that are located within the well casing, well casings, pressure switches not located on the pump, holding, storage or pressure tanks, booster pumps, redrilling of wells, damage due to lack of water, well pump and all well pump components for geothermal and/or water source heat pumps.

Coverage for well pump access, diagnosis and repair or replacement is limited to a maximum of $1,500 per contract term.


Covers one domestic water softener.
Not Covered: Conditions of insufficient or excessive water, water filters and water purification systems, rental or leased equipment, repair or replacement of water softener necessitated by mineral beds or deposits, cleaning.

Water Softener coverage is limited to a maximum of $2,000 in the aggregate.


Leaks caused by rain to tar and gravel, tile, shingle, shake and composition roofs over occupied living areas will be repaired as long as leaks are caused by normal wear and tear and the roof was in good, water tight condition at the start of coverage. If replacement of the existing roof, in whole or in part, is necessary, the Company’s liability is limited to the estimated cost of repair of the leaking area only.

Not Covered: Roof leaks caused by or resulting from: ice, roof mounted installations, flashing, metal roofs, improper construction or repair, missing or broken materials, skylights, patio covers, gutters, drains, downspouts, scuppers, chimneys, failure to perform standard maintenance, and defects in balcony or deck serving as a roof. Routine periodic maintenance is not covered by this contract. Company will direct a technician to contact you for an appointment or, at its option, may authorize you to contact a technician directly. If you are authorized to contact a technician directly, you will be given a spending limit established by the Company. Secondary or consequential water damage is not covered by this contract.

NOTE: Service delays frequently occur during the first rains of the season or in heavy storms. While we will make every effort to expedite service, no guarantees can be made.

Roof Leak Coverage is limited to a maximum of $750 in the aggregate.


Wet Bar Refrigerator (up to 16 cubic ft), Built-in Wine Cooler (30-bottle maximum), Freestanding Icemaker, Additional Refrigerator.

All components that affect the cooling operation of the unit (up to a combined total of four appliances) including compressor, thermostat, condenser coil, evaporator, defrost system, motor and fill valve.

Not Covered: refrigerators with more than one compressor, ice crusher, ice and beverage dispenser and respective equipment, interior thermal shells, filters, food spoilage, insulation, multi-media centers, wine vaults, refrigerator/oven combination unit, detachable components, baskets, buckets, dials, knobs, handles, door glass, lights, light sockets, light switches, pans, trays, rollers, racks, shelves, runner guards, interior lining, trim kits.

Wet bar refrigerator/wine cooler/icemaker coverage is limited to $1,000 in the aggregate.


Heating & Air Conditioning: registers, grills, zone controllers, condensate line cleaning, condensate pumps, humidifiers, installation of flue liners to meet local codes resulting from furnace replacements
Water Heater: expansion tank
Plumbing: toilet bowl & tank failure up to $300, sump pump battery backup, garbage disposal resets
Electrical: hardwired smoke detectors, doorbell (excluding intercoms), ceiling fan (excludes lights, remote, noise, wobbling)
Oven/Range/Cooktop: Rotisseries, racks, handles, knobs, dials, interior lining, range vents
Dishwasher: racks, rollers, baskets
Microwave Oven: knobs, racks, rotisserie, handles
Trash Compactor: lock/key assemblies, knobs
Kitchen Refrigerator: Ice crusher, beverage dispenser
Natural Gas Yard Lamp: mantle replacement
Miscellaneous: Repair or replacement of a system or appliance (excluding roofs) that was improperly installed, modified or repaired (excluding undersized/ mismatched systems); Labor charges incurred from repair or replacement arising from items covered under an existing manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty; Drywall removal/replacement reimbursed up to $300.

Plus+ Package coverage is limited to $1,000 in the aggregate.