Our Home-SAFE Warranty

The ABC Home-SAFE Warranty has all the features most companies have in their premium coverage, and even include our Buckeye Package™–clothes washer, dryer, kitchen refrigerator and more– at no extra charge. We provide a fresh approach to protecting homeowners from the high cost of repairs. And we do all of this without charging a service fee for covered repairs.

Why We’re the Right Choice for Your Clients

Quick, safe and efficient service from established, reputable local contractors is standard with every policy we sell. We’re also locally-owned and we’ve been in the business since 1952. We’re located right here in Central Ohio and always will be. You know us, we know you and you like us. It’s nice to deal with a company you know you can trust. Read on to continue finding out what sets us apart from our competitors.

Terms & Conditions

Buyer’s Optional Coverage

No Service Fee

Everyone hates to pay for a repair. That’s what Home Warranties are for, right? So why not eliminate the Service Fee charged by other home warranty companies when they go to a home? We come out, make the repair, then we leave – nobody pays. How can we do that? As long as there’s a legitimate repair for us to do when we get to the house then no one pays. However, if we get there and find that we were called out in error, then we may charge a reasonable fee for taking the time out of our day to visit.

You May Choose Your Contractor

No one knows a home like the homeowner. That’s why we let the homeowner choose the contractor to make repairs. They pick a licensed contractor with a B-rating or better on Angie’s List and they’re all set. Want us to choose? We’re happy to do that, too.

Buckeye Package™ Included

All Home Warranties are not created equal. Have you ever wondered why some companies charge extra to cover a kitchen refrigerator and a clothes washer and dryer? So did we. And no one will cover that natural gas fireplace, grill, lamp or any venting? Most homes have them so we knew you’d want them covered at no extra charge.

Money Back Guarantee

We keep our promise of unmatched customer service. If a buyer finds our coverage is not what was expected then we’ll send a full refund, no questions asked.

Customized Warranties and Personalized Service

While our basic warranty covers just about everything that other companies’ top-of-the-line plans offer, we give you the option to customize it to include nearly anything else the house might have. Quick, safe, and efficient service from established, reputable local contractors is standard with every contract we sell. Learn more about all of our Buyer’s Optional Coverages here or view a specific coverage from our list:

Additional Ways We Set Ourselves Apart from the Competition

  • “I Love My Home” Discount: We all know a well-maintained home requires fewer repairs. If a buyer is fortunate enough to have no claims during the 12-month policy period, we’ll reward them with $200 off the renewal. With us, they benefit even if they never make a claim. Now that’s a reward!
  • Angie’s List: We keep our promise of unmatched customer service. Check out our rating on Angie’s List for proof.

Affordable Pricing Starting at $625

Our price for a single-family residence is just $625 (under 5,000 sq ft ATFLS) and $1,095 (5,000 to 8,000 sq ft ATFLS).

Coverage with New
Home Purchase
Renewal Coverage 1
Annual Annual Monthly 2
Home-SAFE Warranty
(under 5,000 sq ft ATFLS)
$625 $740 $63.67 3
Home-SAFE Warranty
(5,000 to 8,000 sq ft ATFLS)
$1095 N/A N/A

Pricing Notes
1. Available for owner occupied properties only.
2. 12 Monthly payments charged automatically to a credit card.
3. Includes $2/month carrying fee.