Our Gas-SAFE Warranty

Choosing coverage for a home’s natural gas system should be simple – what will make the buyer and seller happy? Providing reliable coverage means fewer headaches for you and your clients. We cover what we say we’ll cover and we do it quickly, safely and efficiently.


Why We’re the Right Choice for Your Clients

We’re licensed, bonded & insured as most of our competitors are, but what makes us different than them? Did you know that we invented the whole concept of Gas Warranties?  We absolute did, and everyone else has just tried to copy what we started. We don’t think that they’ve done a very good job — and this is what continues to set us apart from these competitors.

We Offer Pre-Closing Coverage

What better time to cover gas leaks in a house than before the closing, when unforeseen repairs can be most damaging for your client? We make sure that any leaks found by home inspectors are repaired at no expense to the home owner – as long as you’ve ordered the Gas-SAFE Warranty prior to any inspections. It’s that simple. And it makes you a hero for making such a smart move. The buyer still gets a full year of coverage that starts at the closing.

We Give Your Clients Total Coverage

This is the important part. Everyone covers gas leaks — that’s easy. What’s not so easy is going the extra step and covering any, and we do mean any, problem the gas company says has to be repaired. Exactly what does that mean? Of course we cover any gas leaks inside the house, but we also cover problems with natural gas furnaces, water heaters, ranges, dryers, fireplaces, lamps, grills, illegal piping, venting — well, you get the picture. That’s important because even little repairs come with great big bills. And, the gas doesn’t have to be on at the property for you to purchase a Gas-SAFE Warranty, as long as it wasn’t turned off for leakage.

  • Our Coverage is Renewable – Our coverage is so good we knew you’d want more. That’s why we give the buyer the option to renew the policy when the coverage expires. We send a notification by mail within 90 days of expiration, allowing plenty of time to get the payment to us. For more information, contact us.

Warranty Specifics

Here are more of the specifics about our Gas-SAFE Warranty, including our cancellation policy, pricing and official terms & conditions.

Cancellation Policy

When the property closes, we must receive payment for the Gas-SAFE Warranty. If our Gas-SAFE Warranty is ordered by the seller’s agent in order to take advantage of our Pre-Closing Coverage, it cannot be cancelled because the buyer has requested another company’s coverage. Due to the unique nature of Pre-Closing Coverage, we are entitled to collect the full amount due for each Gas-SAFE Warranty ordered that goes to closing. By covering the period of time prior to closing, we have fulfilled our obligation to the seller and will expect payment in full upon closing. If you have any questions, please contact us at 443-0300.

Protection Starting at $95

Our price is just $95 for a single family residence in our service area. Gas service must be on at the property at the time coverage is ordered.

Coverage with New
Home Purchase
Renewal Coverage 1
Annual Annual Monthly 2
Gas-SAFE Warranty
(Gas Turned On)
$95 $125 $11.42 3

Pricing Notes
1. Available for owner occupied properties only.
2. 12 Monthly payments charged automatically to a credit card.
3. Includes $1/month carrying fee.


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