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Your time is valuable. And the fact that you’re here means you take care of your home and would like to make a simple fix yourself. Our contractors are quick and punctual but that still leaves you taking time out of your day for what often turns out to be a repair you could easily accomplish in just a few minutes.

Homeowners have found the information below to be so useful you may want to tuck away the link to this page and return over and over as you encounter some of the challenges of owning a home.

How to Relight a Water Heater Pilot Light

A water heater pilot light can go out for a number of reasons. Air in the gas line can cause a pilot to go out. A safety feature of the water heater should stop the gas flow but you’ll still want to relight the pilot so you can continue to have hot water.

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How to Shut Off Water to Bathroom Fixtures

Panic! A water faucet can leak or fail unexpectedly, spraying water all over your bathroom, kitchen, or basement. Sometimes a repair company just can’t get to your home quick enough to repair the problem before it can cause additional damage. It’s always a good idea to know the location of all of the water valves in your home and how to operate them.

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