Our Home-SAFE Warranty

Your complete home protection resource.

A big part of owning a home is keeping up with repairs. The best way to avoid repairs is with regular maintenance.

We can help when things fail as well as recommend ways to keep your home in the best possible shape. We give you a reliable schedule for home maintenance and can refer you to quality contractors.


You get peace of mind knowing we use a grade-A network of local professionals that you can trust.

Why We’re the Right Choice for You

Quick, safe and efficient service from established, reputable local contractors is standard with every policy we sell. We’re also locally-owned and we’ve been in the business since 1952. We’re located right here in Central Ohio and always will be. You know us, we know you and you like us. It’s nice to deal with a company you know you can trust. You’ve let us into your homes for over 50 years and you love our service. Read on to continue finding out what sets us apart from our competitors.

No Service Fee

Everyone hates to pay for a repair. That’s why you have a home warranty in the first place, right? So why not eliminate the Service Fee charged by other home warranty companies when they come to your home. We come out, make the repair, then we leave – nobody pays. How can we do that? As long as there’s a legitimate repair for us to do when we get to the house then no one pays. If we are called out in error, then we charge a reasonable fee of $80 for taking the time out of our day to visit. Remember, if we make a repair then no one pays – if we’re just making a social call then someone owes us $80. We think that’s fair.

Make One Call for All Your Needs

We know how busy you are and saving time is important. That’s why we know you’ll love making just one call to get coverage for the whole home, including the entire gas system. Call us up and we’ll take all the information we need to cover your whole house and meet your contract’s requirements for a Gas Warranty. In the end it even costs less. It’s that simple.

Buckeye Package™ Included

All Home Warranties are not created equal. Ever wonder why you have to pay extra to cover a kitchen refrigerator and a clothes washer and dryer? So did we. And no one will cover that natural gas fireplace, grill, lamp, or any venting? Most homes have them so we knew you’d want them covered at no extra charge.

Money Back Guarantee

We keep our promise of unmatched customer service. If a buyer finds our coverage is not what was expected then we’ll send a full refund, no questions asked.

Complete Coverage That’s Renewable

Ever look at a Home Warranty policy and wonder exactly what is covered? Well, we took care of that, too. One look at our policy and you can easily see that we cover nearly everything. We tried to keep the wording as clear, simple and easy to read as we could. We had to include some exceptions, but we kept them to a minimum and made those easy to read, too.

  • Total Coverage for Buyer & Seller: Why should the buyer get all of the coverage when the seller has to suffer through all of the inspections? We cover just about the same thing for the seller that we do for the buyer.
  • Renewable Coverage: Does this love affair have to end after a year? Of course not. We give your buyer the option to keep it going by signing up for the same reliable coverage they’ve had since they bought their home. We’ll remind them way in advance so they have plenty of time to let us know they want to keep that peace of mind in place.

Affordable Pricing

Our prices listed below are for a single-family residence (under 5,000 sq ft ATFLS). Our Home-SAFE Warranty pricing for larger homes (5,000 sq ft ATFLS and over) is $1,095 for new coverage and is not renewable. In every case, all utilities must currently be on for them to be eligible for our warranties.

Coverage with New
Home Purchase
Renewal Coverage 1
Annual Annual Monthly 2
Home-SAFE Warranty
(under 5,000 sq ft ATFLS)
$625 $740 $63.67 3
Home-SAFE Warranty
(over 5,000 sq ft ATFLS)
$1,095 N/A N/A

Pricing Notes
1. Available for owner occupied properties only.
2. 12 Monthly payments charged automatically to a credit card.
3. Includes $2/month carrying fee.